things for your eyes and ears. 2008 - ?

Do I Look Guilty, Rubber Daisy?

I was asked to make this short film for the Holland Project's Bread or Blood Reception and Screening. The directing and editing is inspired but the works of Chris Cunningham. July 2016.

Standing on a Beach

 I made this while on vacation. It is loosely based on Albert Camus's book, The Stranger. July 2015.


an experimental film I made for the Holland Project's Three Minute Film Festival. It is about numbers stations and a dream I had where the world ran out of oxygen. May 2015


a short video based on an actual event that took place in Berkeley, Ca. starring Emma Rash. January 2015

Casino Hearts - Dreams Will Come True

a music video made for Jacob Rubeck's band, Casino Hearts. made as a part of the Holland Project's four by four by forty eight challenge, where directors and bands team up to create a music video in forty eight hours. November 2014

Drink Coca Cola With Me

an experimental film for the Holland Project's biannual Young Blood art show. the video was played on a tv screen behind a big mac seated modestly on a pedestal. October 2014


a short film made for the Holland Project's Three Minute Film Festival. a film where cats are lost, emotions are lost and found, and true identities are discovered. April 2014