On March 29, 2017, I asked viewers of my vlog "On the Brink" to submit writing and illustrations describing meaningful moments in their lives. I wanted to make a collaborative zine with them. 28 submissions from 11 countries later, we have a zine full of meaning! This zine is a manifestation of us, of what we find meaning in, of what we love. To all who submitted and helped with this project, I cannot thank you enough.

On the Brink Of Meaning pdf free download, make your own copy of the zine

or read the zine online

or buy a copy, if you wish


How to make the On the Brink of Meaning zine:

Looking at the digital copy of the zine is a good way to figure out how to assemble it.
1.) Go to and download the zine PDF.
2.) Export the PDF to a flash drive (or print straight from home if you have a double-sided printer!).
3.) Go to a copy shop or anywhere else with a printer capable of double-sided printing.
4.) Plug your flash drive into the printer and select the zine file.
5.) Choose your printer settings. Make sure to print double-sided, flipped on short edge. Print.
6.) After printing is done, grab your stack of soon-to-be zine!
7.) The printer should have printed everything in the order of assembly. Starting with the page with Sergej’s poems fold each page down the middle, as if you were closing a book.
8.) Continue folding each page until there are no more pages to fold.
9.) Put each page together like a book. Starting from the outside, page order should be On the Brink of Meaning front cover, inside cover (names, special thanks), Editor’s Letter, Julie’s writing, Julius’s collage, “Remember They’re Watching”, “On Forgetting About Your Cosmic Ego”, Abdulrahman’s poems, Luiza’s artwork, 7Phoenix’s writing, 7Phoenix’s artwork, “Boardgames and The Meaning of Life”, Marta’s artwork, Kyler’s artwork, “Me, myself & NYC”, Sergej’s poems (very middle page), Sergej’s writing, Chinasa’s writing, cuss tard’s writing and artwork, Alex Gonzalez’s artwork, “Above and Below”, Nevada-Jane Song’s writing, Eli’s comic, Philipp’s print, “Circumstance”, Chesh’s artwork and writing, Tucker’s writing, Ana’s poem, louiseandhertroop’s writing and artwork, Chubby Toaster’s artwork, blank page, back inside cover, and back cover.
10.) Bind your zine by stapling or sewing. Make sure staples go in on the spine of the zine and exit through the middle page (Sergej’s poems).
11.) Enjoy, reproduce, and do anything else you might want to do with your new zine!